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You don’t need to be a technical expert to commission a piece of software. We’re used to working with clients with all levels of understanding.

We build software with the future of your business in mind. Each technology we choose is a widely recognised, industry-leading platform, chosen for capability, flexibility, scalability and maintainability within a business environment.

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Microsoft SQL Server

We use Microsoft SQL Server to create secure database applications that can cope with significant complexity, multiple users, and large data volumes, while providing for future adaptability and growth.

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We use Microsoft .NET and associated technologies for Windows, web and mobile development. Windows applications use Winforms.NET, and online or web application interfaces use ASP.NET. Our development team use Microsoft Visual Studio, with access to all the power of this leading development environment.

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Microsoft SQL Azure

Microsoft Azure is a suite of services to support cloud-based applications – there’s an ever-increasing list of services available. In particular, we use Azure SQL databases, web services, cloud storage and virtual machines. Cloud hosting provides rapid scalability & very high availability for business applications.

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VisualSVN Source Control

Subversion source control, integrated with Visual Studio. Source control allows multiple developers to work on an application at once, while keeping a history of how the source code has been changed, and by whom.

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Telerik UI Controls

Telerik provides award-winning developer tools for .NET. These help to make our user interfaces richer and more powerful. We also use Telerik Reporting Tools to power many clients’ reporting and document generation functions.

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Red Gate SQL Developer Tools

Red Gate SQL developer tools ensure the best possible programming environment for our database developers, and allows us to provide the best possible support and deployment experience for our clients. This toolkit includes bespoke SQL source control and automation to allow us to seemlessly synchronise our development, test and live environments.

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