MI Tech Application Updates



Release Date: 14/06/2024

Windows Application Installation File (ALL users should install this file):DRG_4_50_0_0_Setup

TEST Windows Application Installation File:DRG_TEST_4_50_0_0_Setup

Camera Launcher Installation Files: DRG_LaunchCamera_1_2_1_0

GhostScript required for users who use Display Scaling: https://ghostscript.com/releases/gsdnld.html

Tickets fixed in this release:

  • DRG.Sup24 258 – Add Consignment Order editor – typo in field label “Invoice Requirment”
  • DRG.Sup24 260 – Certificate of Destruction > screen name typo “Certficate of Destruction”
  • DRG.Sup24 261 – Assets list screen – separate ‘Stock Cage / Dispatch Pallet Ref’ & ‘Layer’ into two separate columns (screen & Excel)